BS Business Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM) program aims to provide students with theories, concepts, skills, and techniques to become productive members of successful business organizations. The program includes current developments in management theory and practice to enhance the competencies of students in the different functional areas of business organizations, and to increase the responsiveness of students to significant and practical aspects of business management concepts.

Career Opportunities:
Corporate Management, Accounting and Finance Specialists, Marketing Management and Research, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultancy

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BA Business Economics

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics (BABE) program offers its students a solid grounding in economic theories with application to real world issues and problems. Since the unit is located in a high-growth industrial area, the program is particularly oriented towards the application of economic principles and concepts to business, industry and regional development activities. The program seeks to produce analysts, researchers, and other economic practitioners who can work well in various business and investment institutions as well as in government and planning agencies.

Career Opportunities:
Economists, Budget and Planning Specialists, Corporate Planning Officers, Credit Analysts, Financial Analysts

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BA Applied Psychology

The establishment of BA Applied Psychology curriculum (BAAP) is a response to the rapid changes taking place in society that call for sensitive application of psychological theories. The program aims to address concerns in several areas of human life and activities. Besides maintaining the strengths of a traditional liberal arts discipline, the program now emphasizes the applications of psychology in the fields of organizations, community, and education. Its curriculum introduces courses in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, School Psychology, Community Psychology and Clinical Psychology. The overview courses expose students to the theoretical and technical principles central to the applied fields in psychology. Moreover, certain courses are designed to hone students' research skills in applied psychology.

Career Opportunities:
Human Resource Specialist/Generalist, Psychometrician, Training Officer, Organizational Development Specialist, School Counseling and Assessment

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Master of Management

UPDEPP as well as UPDEPO offers a Master of Management (MM) program (non-thesis) with a trimestral schedule. The program aims to train qualified students for a professional career in the management of public agencies, business companies, and educational institutions. Above all, it seeks to advance a manager's skills in every particular field of endeavor. It also seeks to enable the manager to competently apply management theories to the enterprise's manifold activities.

General Admission Requirements

Graduates of accredited high schools may be admitted as freshman on the basis of their:

1. Performance in the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT);
2. Weighted average of final grades obtained in high school;
3. Choice of U.P. college/unit; and
4. Qualification for college admission through the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE).


The UPCAT (UP College Admission Test) is a four-hour examination consisting of subtests on language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics and science. The language used in the UPCAT is English and Filipino.

Applicants who take the UPCAT are ranked according to their University Predicted Grade (UPG). The UPG is the result of combining the applicant's weighted scores in the UPCAT subtests and the weighted average of his grades in high school. The UPG is a measure of the applicant's potential to do well in college at the University of the Philippines.


The UP Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga (UPDEPP) adheres to the admission policies of the University. In addition, the following specific policies are implemented for:

1. Students seeking transfer admission from Other UP Constituent Universities (Transfer 1);

2. Students seeking transfer admission from Other Universities into UPDEPP (Transfer 2); and

2. Students seeking to shift from one degree major or program to another within UPDEPP.

Transferring from Other UP Constituent Universities

Students from another UP Constituent University who have completed at least 33 academic units may be admitted as transfer students, provided they satisfy the following additional requirements:

a. Have a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 2.25 if applicant is from an undergraduate program within the UP System that does not fall in any of the three programs offered by UPDEPP.

b. Depending on whether the applicants are psychology, business management, or economics majors, have an average of at least 2.0 in their major subjects and at least 2.25 in their other subjects.

c. Pass an interview with the Program Secretary, Program Coordinator, and faculty of the program being applied for.

d. Submit other admission requirements such as two letters of recommendations from former instructors, official transcript of records, college clearance, and permit to transfer.

Transferring from Other Universities

Students with previous college work from another university who want to transfer to UPDEPP must satisfy the following admission requirements:

a. Have completed at least 33 academic units.

b. Have a general weighted average of 2.0 if applicant is from any one of the prestigious universities in Metro Manila and 1.75 if applicant is from any other CHED-recognized university.

c. Depending on whether the applicants are psychology, business management, or economics majors, have an average of at least 2.0 in their major subjects and at least 2.25 in their other subjects.

d. Submit other admission requirements such as two letters of recommendations from former instructors, official transcript of records, college clearance, and permit to transfer.

Shifting to Another Degree Program (within UPDEPP)

Students of UPDEPP who want to change their major or degree program within the unit may be permitted to do so provided they comply with the following guidelines. Students seeking transfer must:

a. Have a general weighted average of 2.50 from their original program.

b. Have a good academic standing.

c. Submit an application letter with justification for shifting, pass an interview with the Program Coordinator and faculty of the admitting program, and comply with all other requirements for admission of the new program.

In addition, Business Economics students who wish to transfer to the Business Management program must have no failing marks in math courses, whereas Business Management students shifting to the Business Economics program must have obtained a grade of 2.75 or better in Econ 101 (Macroeconomics) and Econ 102 (Microeconomics).


University rules and regulations governing admission apply to the UPDEPP graduate program. Moreover, an applicant must:

1. Pass the graduate admission test
2. Have a Bachelor's degree in any field
3. Have at least two-year work experience
4. Pass the panel interview
5. Have proficiency in basic topics

Basic topics include: Algebra, Statistics, Accounting, and Economics.

The admission test indicates aptitude and "pre-existing" qualities needed for graduate management education. The test areas are quantitative processing, logic, and reading comprehension.

If a student fails to get the required weighted average of 2.0, he or she may take two additional courses as approved by the Director provided, he/she does not repeat a course he/she has already taken. The grades in all subkects taken shall be included however, in computing the general weighted average. The inability of a student to obtain a general weighted average of 2.0 after taking the two additional courses shall disqualify him/her from the program.

Academic Calendar for A.Y. 2013-2014

1st Semester,
AY 2013-14
2nd Semester,
AY 2013-14
Advanced Registation for Incoming Freshmen07 May, Tue &
08 May, Wed
General Registration03 Jun, Mon
04 Jun, Tue
05 Jun, Wed
04 Nov, Mon
05 Nov, Tue
06 Nov, Wed
08 Apr, Tue
10 Apr, Thu
Start of Classes06 Jun, Thu07 Nov, Thu11 Apr, Fri
UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)03 Aug, Sat &
04 Aug, Sun
Mid-Semester03 Aug, Sat22 Jan, Wed30 Apr, Wed
Deadline for Dropping Subjects05 Sep, Thu20 Feb, Thu09 May, Fri
Final Examinations07 Oct, Mon -
12 Oct, Sat
25 Mar, Tue -
31 Mar, Mon
21 May, Wed -
22 May, Thu
Deadline for Submitting Grades21 Oct, Mon08 Apr, Tue29 May, Thu
Lantern Parade18 Dec, Wed
Unit Commencement Exercises26 Apr, Sat